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Butterfly Garden Butterfly Garden, offers one of the largest butterfly gardens in America with an area of 92 meters long by 30 meters wide x 15 feet high. More information

Herpetarium A display of reptiles and amphibians in which you can see some of the most beautiful species of iguanas, snakes and frogs. More information

Hummingbird Garden It's a beautiful area in the open, where we have feeders that feed 15 different species of hummingbirds, customers can be in the garden as long as you wish. More information

The Insect Museum The education center contains the exhibition "Jewels of the Cloud Forest" by biologist Richard Whitten property is one of the largest private collections in the world. More information

Sky Tram Sky Tram is a tour for all ages and even for people with some disability, as it has room to fit a wheelchair. More information

The Canopy We are home to the longest and highest cables to be found in the area, and at the same time you can enjoy the panoramic views, that are only to be seen here. More information

Canyoning tour With an impressive 30 meter vertical drop from a platform that is located in a huge tree which towers above the ground. More information

Tree top Walkways The tour consists of suspension bridges by 3.06 miles of trails on which visitors will find 8 bridges of different sizes which range between 50 and 170 meters long. More information

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