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Arenal Volcano Rainforest Twilight Hike-ARENAL VOLCANO TOURS- -SAMARA ADVENTURE COMPANY- You pick the tour and we´ll take care of the rest!

This tour takes you through lush rainforest along the base of Costa Rica´s most famous volcano. Our bilingual naturalist guide will point out interesting plants and wildlife in the vibrant primary and secondary rainforest of the El Silencio nature reserve that skirts the Arenal Volcano National Park. You will arrive to the observation point of the Arenal Volcano—this is the closest you can get to the base—the perfect vantage point to take remarkable photos as the sun sets behind Arenal Volcano.

For those who wish to finish off the night relaxing in natural hot springs in a local resort to recover from the day´s adventures, there aer several hot springs options to choose from:

Price without Hot Springs: $49

Duration: 3 hours

Los Lagos: More than 10 different pools, swim-up bars, free lockers, restaurant and access to their butterfly garden and crocodile pond. Friendly and personalized service at this Arenal hot springs location.

Price: $79 + $10 to include dinner

Duration: 6 hours

Paradise Hot Springs: Locally-owned hot springs in a beautiful setting with lush gardens and waterfalls. There are several different-temperature pools, a bar, free lockers, and a restaurant with local charm.

Price: $69 + $12 to include dinner

Duration: 6 hours

Baldí Hot Springs: Over 20 different pools, waterfalls, swim-up bars, locker rooms, restaurant & lively atmosphere. The complex is rather large and the further away from the entrance you'll find quieter hot springs and more-relaxing areas. Beware of the water slide, though. It goes really fast and some clients have come away with cuts and bruises. Your bracelet will indicate whether you have dinner included and can proceed to the buffet at any time.

Price: $69 + $15 to include dinner

Duration: 6 hours

The Springs Resort & Spa: A variety of hot springs pools in a luxurious 5 star resort with various restuarants, bars, locker-rooms and on-site wild cat reserve. Take a walk along the Heliconia path to see over 150 different species of Heliconias. When you’re ready to eat, you may proceed to the dinner buffet for a delicious meal. The meal is automatically included when purchasing your entrance fee.

Price: $135 includes dinner

Duration: 6 hours

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